Flagyl dosage for chlamydia

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Flagyl dosage for chlamydia

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There is an old adage in medicine – if it works keep doing it. The other possibility is a Bartholin Gland Cyst. Got extremely sick after and then was told had developed a fistula. Treatment of your partner is often done and rarely of any use.

There may be better ones locally available, but they will be good and consistent. Question: What causes a colovaginal fistula? My OBGYN treated me with ampicillin suppositories which had no effect.

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However, azithromycin is less like to cause the problem than some of the other antibiotiics. Question: For the last four days I have been getting syptoms which strongly suggest that I have vaginal thrush. First, culposcopy does not involve the lining of the uterus and rarely produces long term bleeding since the cervix is relatively avascular.

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I have used the cream and have investigated the side effects it may have on my unborn baby. Heat will bring it to a head. With the assistance of a job coach, the worker will learn their job tasks to the best of their ability. Answer: This is a probably reason to see an Infectious Disease specialist. I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Usually bleeding indicates a build up of endometrial tissue of the uterus. However, they would always go too high up for the smear, so they were missing it. Not usually sexually transmitted and can be treated by your md. Usually, these infections are yeast infections or non-specific vaginal flora that takes over.

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I have had anti-fungus medication orally and cream, but it continues to come back. Also, do not use steroids until the problem which caused this uncommon infection is defined. Vaginal yeast infections in the third world are treated with natural yogurt. 2 weeks after taking the prescription. Culture and antibiotics are the treatment, both require a visit to your md. This has been going on for three days now.

Member of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. She started me on the Metro gel cream. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

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The discharge is brownish and has a strange smell, but not a strong or offensive one. Eva has a Bachelors Degree in English and a Masters Degree in English Education. Question: I have a medium-sized bump “down there” and it is very sensitive and sore.

Back to Doctor FAQ main page. I’ve never had any sexual contact with anyone so I am very worried because I have to clue as to what it could be. Take a self-assessment of your interests, aptitudes and skills, to help you find out what type of employment suits you best. The admonition against alcohol has to do with the flagyl since occasional people will become markedly nauseated on flagyl with alcohol. The doctor wants her to take Flagyl for a week and come back for another Pap in a month. Question: I hope someone can help me.

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I have enough for the recomended dosage. Question:I am a 23 year old female. However, the skin on the outside of my vagina has started to flake a little. A Jewish-American Rabbi living in Israel, studying, teaching and writing on Judaism.

For a start you do not mix Arabic and Roman numeralslike that – it would be nonsensical. Question: My daughter is 13 years old and for the past few weeks she has had a terrible vaginal odor. It has nothing to do with sexual transmission but, with pragmatism. Use a tablespoon of yogurt per pint of warm water.

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I developed a hematoma soon after surgery that is attached to the bladder. Most women with these infections have minimal symptoms. Antibiotics which are least often associated with c-diff are vancomycin, tetracycline, and flagyl. I am currently going to college for nursing and working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. My boyfriend and I used a condom for several months before going naked. This has been going on for 4 months now.

Now she wants to try steroids because she thinks that I have a weakened immune system. Answer: You are correct gardnerella does not cause vaginal bleeding, look for another cause. What does azithromycin have in it? I did have unprotected sex with my partner before i was diagnosed so pregnancy is a possibility but im wondering if azithromycin can delay your period? Answer: Systemically there is some theorectical risk, but vaginally the absorption is minimal and often used during pregnancy. Answer: I’d consult an Infectious Disease specialist, I would contact the closest Medical University for their ID program.

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Question: My friend and I have both been having strange vaginal discharge. Can_Azithromycin_cause_secondary_infections_such_as_Yeast_Infections”,”content_title”:”Can Azithromycin cause secondary infections such as Yeast Infections? That`s where our designers, directors, and technologists release their originality and apply their words, images, and sounds to achieve your vision. Question: On August 26th my doctor prescribed Gynazole Vaginal Cream for my yeast infection. My concern is sporadic vaginal bleeding.

I had a temporary transverse colostomy performed on me. Would you like to merge this question into it? When I went to the gynecologist, my pap smear indicated that I have bacterial vaginosis, and my doctor has put me on a ten day regimen of Flagyl. She was also told not to drink any alcohol while on the medication. It is effective, cheap and no systemic side effects.

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There has not been an increase or change in vaginal discharge but I did notice that “air bubbles” were coming from my vagina. Where is this coming from and how long should it continue? I can only describe the smell in one way.

Of these, the one that produces an odor is usually bacterial infections. I thought it may have been due to the depo provera shot since I’ve been on it for nearly three years so I consulted a doctor. I saw said that it may be occurring due to remaining scar tissue from cryo-treatment that I received over 2 years. Has your sexual partner been tested to ensure that you are not becoming reinfected? Question: I am a 38 female and for the past two years I have battled “fishy” smell from my vaginal area. Question: For the past three months, I have been having some irregular vaginal bleeding.

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I went in for a hysterectomy in August of this year. I’ve never been pregnant and my husband has been my one and only sexual partner. Question: my last period just ended on 3-21and i have noticed a yellowish-greenish discharge with a fishy smell what could this be? Answer: Ok, but use it longer. Question: My wife recently had a Pap smear and was told that the results were within normal limits, but that she had a slight inflammation.

Answer: Non-specific vaginitis is a truly frustrating problem. As representações exclusivas de marcas internacionais vieram conferir à Ortomedicinal o estatuto hoje reconhecido a nível nacional, como uma empresa idónea, responsável e em expansão, que procura as melhores soluções para cada tipo de situação apresentada pelo cliente. Then she tried augmentin and it produced no effect. Before that, for 3 years I kept telling the doctor I felt like I had a yeast infection even though I had no discharge and it felt like it was on the outer fold of the vagina.