Oral metronidazole bacterial vag

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Oral metronidazole bacterial vag

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I always wash my clothes and keep my house clean but I’ve had this problem for about 6 months now. You can add honey to help the taste. Tea tree oil- use small tampon. I have had several STD screenings, paps, and other tests.

I have read using activated charcoal helps with the smell. Therefore, it is advised to clean tongue thoroughly with a tongue cleaner every time you brush your teeth.

I also have been eating veggies and fruits more which helps build up your immune system help fight off infections and bacteria. The Ph balance is off and there is something that causes it to become inbalanced. I haven’t tried this as it was not available in the pharmacy.

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I wish I had a cure for you guys as I can truly feel for you. I used a two cup measure to calculate. I wasn’t convinced it would work, because it is an issue with me and not him.

I am a VERY clean person, too clean perhaps? I got BV about a year ago and went in for treatment. I stopped taking the amoxicillin for acne for about a year. My husband’s breath smells terrible latelly.

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I took two of these in the morning and one at night. Use dental flows to clean the food particle between the teeth which does not come out by brushing the tooth and causes bad breath. For a while i thought i was the only person who had this problem. Thats a field day for infection! I saw an OTC med in Rite-Aid but was not sure if it worked. By Day 2’s application: No discharge.

The regimen was douch every night for 7 days. Keep the mouthwash at room temperature in a tightly sealed jar. You have helped me from thinking I’m lonely with some crazy STD. Just add one teaspoonful of seeds in half liter of cold water and boil it for around 15 minutes on low flame. Take extra time and care to clean all the nooks and crannies if you have braces.

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If the bacteria population explodes, you get a bacterial infection. These smell extremely foul when released and can cause extreme bad breath. We did not use a condom.

VH Essentials BV inserts from the local pharmacy: Inserted half insert after the Rephresh gel on day 1, half insert on day 2, and a whole insert on day 3. I found the douch at wall greens it looks like a hot water bottle. I’m very Infineon with my body and so when I got pregnant in June of 10 I was very concerned about having bv while pregnant, but thankfully I didn’t. Some bacteria in mouth produce compounds that result in foul odor because the individual does not brush or floss frequently enough. So once you get that right, the rest will follow.

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He brushes every morning after b-fast, sometimes after lunch and always. I’ve had an ongoing issue with this. I had a serious bad breath problem since i was a teenager.

People with chronic bad breath is generally due to something internal in the digestive tract moreso than in the mouth. It became clear to me, man, maybe I should do something different with my life. While bad breath can be treated and avoided, one doesn’t even know if one has it. Now he takes a medication every day and the bad breath is gone and he is fine.

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This Special Report Contains Vital Information That Will Enable You To Take Control Of Your Life. My problem was mainly the discharge. I have tried many trials of the gel-flagyl and clindamycin. I started soaking in apple vinegar for 20 mins 3 times a week and it helped with the discharge and lightened the smell. A daily unsweetened green tea after dinner.

GYN took me off birth control pills when I turned 50. Practice Good Oral Hygiene Try to brush and floss after every meal, or at least twice a day. Do not take too many of anything, as you will once again disrupt the balance of your system.

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I changed doctors and my new and expensive doc never see it but the free clinic always catches it. Look it up online to find out how much u mix with water. God bless you all kind hearted people. Don’t know if it will last, but for the first time in years, I feel no symptoms. As i mentioned before, because our bodies are all very different, some home remedies might work and some might not.

50 billion live cultures: I inserted 1 directly into my vajayjay each night right after the VH essential insert, and took one in the am and one before bed. I dont even want to have sex at times because I am uncomfortable. Completely all gone, I couldn’t believe it. 3: If you breathe into your hand, you’ll know when you have bad breath. You can also try sugarless gum or candy to keep your mouth moist and fresh. It would seem that there are small fissures into which food gets stuck.

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Halitosis is a common problem, not only in teens, but also in adults. My new boyfriend and I had sex for the first time about 5 months ago. It is done this way to make sure the correct dosage is given. Lusanda herbal medicine is a good remedy for herpes , I was a carrier of herpes and I saw a testimony on how Dr.

So it makes you brush your teeth for 2 minutes and it times you for 30 seconds on your bottom and top and inside bottom and inside top. Tobacco is one of the big causes of halitosis and mouth cancer. I was required to go for an medical examination that was when I knew that I was hepatitis b virus patient. Just add a drop of tea tree oil to toothpaste before brushing. I will keep every one posted.

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Tea prepared from fenugreek seeds can be consumed to fight bad breath. It is also very good at restoring the natural lactobacilli that get wiped out from antibiotics. 6 years now and I was almost going to the end of my life due to the constant pain, especially in my Body. BV has been known to be a condition that can be recurrent as many women struggle with getting rid of it for good. I used the rePHresh suppositories, but the smell came back after the third day.

The fruit also contains vital minerals like manganese, calcium and oxalate that promote teeth and gum health. My wife suggested I try rinsing with salt. I am in a committed relationship for four years now and have had no history of std’s, wear cotton, drink water and eat yogurt. Even when you can not brush, just go ahead and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

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Then one day out of the blue BOOM! EmergenC Immune Defense Fizzy Drink: I drank two packets mixed with water in the am, two at lunch, and two at night. Despite the immediate intestinal health benefits of cutting the above foods, I also hope to lose 5-10kg, which is do-able. Im starting to cramp real bad and I am worried all these medications might do some serious damage. 12 hour fresh breath box at wal mart seems to be working.

It is 2 bottles mixtures . Yeast infections do not have an odor-BV does. Do not eat regular yogurt and please dont put sugary yogurt up into your vagina! Avoid Tobacco Avoid, rather stop, using tobacco and tobacco products. I also feel like my mouth is clean.